Car Alarm System

In 1997, Steelmate car alarm system was officially launched.
Car alarm system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage different security threats of the vehicle itself and its contents that can lead to car theft or other car crime and activates the alerts of break-in via car doors, impact, move and engine start.
As of now, Steelmate has sold more than 78 million sets.

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  • Two modulation mode: LoRA™ technology and FSK technology
  • Ultra long operation distance with 2-way LCD transmitter
  • -Receive distance of transmitter: up to 8 kilometers in open area
  • -Control distance of transmitter: up to 5 kilometers in open area
  • Colorful screen transmitter with folding key
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for transmitter
  • Vehicle battery voltage display on transmitter
  • Anti-hijacking

888E PKE

  • Passive keyless entry
  • Water resistant transmitter
  • Automatically lock/unlock the door when the driver is leaving/approaching the car
  • Intelligent anti-hijack function with ID detection
  • Keyless rearming function
  • Power saving design, long lifespan of the transmitter battery
  • Remote trunk release


  • Alarm arming
  • Mute arming
  • Car locating
  • Disarming
  • Remote trunk release
  • Anti-hijack


  • Metallic waterproof transmitters with 5 button
  • Dedicated trunk release button
  • Remote trunk release
  • Human voice warning
  • Match central locking system
  • Valet mode
  • Emergency override
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Tilt sensor (optional)


  • Remote trunk release
  • Compatible with central locking system
  • Valet mode
  • Emergency override
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Max 4 transmitters can be programmed in one unit



  • Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphone
  • Support learning 433.92MHz fixed code remote control
  • Support learning up to 5-buttons remote
  • Car alarm/home security modes available
  • PKE function
  • Shake the smartphone to open the doors
  • Vehicle sharing function Allows those who use your vehicle to control your car alarm system